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BDBees is dedicated to Honeybee research and the Biodynamic method of raising honeybees in order to bridge the gap between the "standard" "conventional" or "commercial" method of beekeeping and what is frequently now called the "natural" method. We provide products, services, workshops, and seasonally bees.

We are currently working on the development of a new system of raising the honey bee that is compatible with the box system most widely used in America today.

The Langstroth hive system has proven its self over the test of time, especially within the commercial pollination business, but it is not without its flaws. These flaws are at the expense of honeybee health, over-stressing the already fragile inner balance of the colony.

We are the first US based Demeter certified apiary. Certified since October 2013

BDBees is committed to helping create a less stressful environment both in and outside the hive. This research is actively being conducted within northern California.


Beehive supplies, Soaps and Balms, Candles, Bee Tea, T-Shirts, and Bees (seasonal). This site will be developed to support online sales of these items. Our honey can be ordered directly through us or found at select Anthroposophical Medical establishments.